Monday, July 5, 2010

Halloween Home Haunt - Scare Actor - Pumpkin Head

Making inanimate objects come to life is a thrill for Halloween home haunters, pranksters and most Trick or Treaters. Unless, you've come across the type of youngster who squeals off the property as you shriek 'Hey, forgot your candy?!'

...grab a willing Scare-Actor, 3-5 straw bales (I love odd numbers including 13!), 5-13 pumpkins of various sizes, shapes, carved and uncarved, some illuminated inside and some not but all lit up strategically from afar with an unobtrusive spot light. Within the mix of real pumpkins, intermix a couple of store bought plastic or styrofoam pumpkins (styrofoam preferred) with the intent of cutting a hole in the bottom and eyes (keep in mind when purchasing) and placing it over your head as a mask. With dark shrouded, torn or even scarecrow like clothing you are sure to scare! The lantern and chain this creepy cartoon pumpkin head adds to the fright and is easily replicable in the real world ;)

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