Friday, August 13, 2010

Boo!'s Friday the 13th, are you nervous?'s wishing you a Happy Friday the 13th, 2010!!

According to CBC and London's Daily Mirror there are over 60 million people around the world that have treacherous thoughts about Friday the 13th and will even avoid work or driving, is that you? ...and you're probably terrified of black cats and cracks in the sidewalk too? ;)

The Greek term Triskaidekaphobia is explained as - 'tris' means '3', kai means 'and', and deka means '10' which sums it up as a fear of the number 13 and it's related specifically to the day Friday the 13th.
Apparently, if the first of the month begins on a Sunday it will be followed by this 'unlucky' day.

Personally, I'm not superstitious. Yes, I'm aware breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder could invite trouble so, I don't chase it but, if it happens it happens. I'm not one to live my life in fear of superstitions and quite frankly, I fear finding your hair in my food, much worse!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Halloween Home Haunt - Scare Actor - Pumpkin Head

Making inanimate objects come to life is a thrill for Halloween home haunters, pranksters and most Trick or Treaters. Unless, you've come across the type of youngster who squeals off the property as you shriek 'Hey, forgot your candy?!'

...grab a willing Scare-Actor, 3-5 straw bales (I love odd numbers including 13!), 5-13 pumpkins of various sizes, shapes, carved and uncarved, some illuminated inside and some not but all lit up strategically from afar with an unobtrusive spot light. Within the mix of real pumpkins, intermix a couple of store bought plastic or styrofoam pumpkins (styrofoam preferred) with the intent of cutting a hole in the bottom and eyes (keep in mind when purchasing) and placing it over your head as a mask. With dark shrouded, torn or even scarecrow like clothing you are sure to scare! The lantern and chain this creepy cartoon pumpkin head adds to the fright and is easily replicable in the real world ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

I wanna Halloween shopping Spree!

A Halloween shopping spree that doesn't include high heels, clothes or make up?! No girlie bits, just gory bits ;) Well, I'd be more than willing to make the sacrifice for that shopping trip! Making our own Halloween props and decorations is by far more cost effective than purchasing them and sometimes a lot more fun but, sometimes you just wanna shop! You can't make everything from scratch, right?

Yes, sadly the theory of a budget still applies to Halloween decor. ...yada yada yada, you'll thank me later when this wonderfully wicked day is over and you still have cash left to grab dirt cheap goodies for next year's Halloween ;)  

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jon Metz: a Real Life 'Saw' scenario!

We've all had a 'good day gone bad' scenario but for 31 year old Jon Metz, this saying has never been more real. His nightmare began as a normal day on June 7, 2010 and ended two, hellishly long days later with a story that resembles that of the horror movie SAW!! ...only Jon was the only one playing and it wasn't a game!!

Jon Metz sat trapped in his basement with his arm wedged and rotting, within his own furnace, for hours upon hours before he was forced to choose between continuing that same fate or removing his own arm from his body?!!

When no sign of help came for poor Jon Metz (at least not until June 9, 2010) he'd already began to saw off his own arm with a freakin' hacksaw! OMG!! until the pain caused him to pass out. According to doctors, this brave and courageous effort he did put forth to dislodge himself also saved his life, despite the fact that it cost him his arm.

For the full story of Jon Metz and his life changing experience visit - Cutting off own arm...

If you'd like to follow Jon Metz's story and/or offer donations please visit

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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Aliens have landed...

I love it when families get into the spirit of Halloween. Creating a home haunt together makes for long lasting memories that just may inspire them to become future home haunters ;)

These Halloween fanatics went all out with the sci-fi genre and these vid's provide some great inspiration for those wanting to know how it's done.

Halloween countdown...only 138 days away!!