Saturday, February 27, 2010

Must have Blood! - DIY Recipe for Blood

Get gruesome with gore!

Halloween brings forth the need for lots of fake blood for use on props and Scare-Actors. Depending upon the application I've used many methods some of which are permanent while others wash away. So, unless you have a stash of the real thing you are going to need some ideas.

Recipe for Homemade Blood...

No Cook Blood

1/4 cup of water
2 cups of clear corn syrup
1/4 cup of corn starch (may use flour as a substitute)
1/2 oz. red food coloring
10 drops of blue food coloring

With this recipe I found it best to first mix the water with the corn starch, adding a bit a time until you have a white paste. As you work it all together slowly any small lumps ought to disappear. Once lump free you can then add the corn syrup into the mixture and stir thoroughly. It's now time to carefully add in all of your red food coloring and stir. Now add in your blue to darken the blood and richen up that colour. Depending upon the purity of dyes in your brand of food coloring you may need more or less so judge accordingly and experiment. Remember this fake blood will stain most everything it touches, sometimes permanently other times not. It also does not have a long shelf life so do not prepare too far in advance and store in the fridge. I would recommend using this type of fake blood on Scare-Actors who have no sugar allergies. Because it is water and sugar based clean up is easy, except for the dye factor!

Fact: Old black and white horror films used chocolate syrup as a base for theatrical blood!

- On static Halloween props I prefer the permanent approach. With clothing I use both red and blue food coloring by placing it directly onto fabric in specific areas. I then use acrylic paints to highlight and deepen those shades. Bright reds work best and use black to deepen and add some contrast.

Of course having someone make something for you is always easiest. Get some Stage Blood! here or click on any of the following pic's for product information.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prop - Upsidedown Scarecrow - Halloween Project DIY

Scarecrows protect our crops from outsiders but what protects us from them and that pitchfork?...their dark, glaring eyes seem to follow, always watching, waiting to strike!

The history of Scarecrows date back through centuries as a way to instill fear without harm,
so that's what we'll do! The fact that this Halloween prop is easily made with a couple of wooden stakes, old rags, some straw and a cowboy hat means you just gotta make more than one! When grouped in a pack, have a live 'Scare Actor' posing amongst them ready to jump when the time is just right!


Supplies required...

- two 2'x2's (10' long)
- coveralls
- cowboy hat
- straw
- boots
- 3 small bags, 2 pillowcases, lots of newspaper, tape
- paint; flesh, white, black, red
- 2'x2' round piece of canvas or paintable fabric (an old drop cloth will work) 
- saw
- 5' piece of string
- large needle, strong thread
- heavy duty stapler, staples
- sledge hammer
- ladder

To create your Upsidedown Scarecrow begin by painting the fabric with flesh tone paint and let dry. When it's dry proceed to paint on black eyes, mouth, stitches and whatever else looks terrifying! 
Then cut the bottoms of the 2'x2's to form stakes (they pound easier when cut on an angle). Place each stake in each leg hole of the coveralls and proceed to pound each post into the ground. Crumple up the newspapers and fill up each of the bags until they are full but pliable then use the staple gun to attach the bags to the body, giving your Scarecrow more definition. Attach the string to the remaining plastic bag and then set it upon your fabric face (face side down) and use as a head. Pull the fabric around the bag forming a head (leave string hanging out of neck area) then secure with a needle and thread. Staple that string to one of the pieces of wood inside the Scarecrow (ought to hang just above ground level). Place on the boots and proceed to stuff handfuls of straw into all of the penings and inside the cowboy hat which just slides underneath your Scarecrow's head. 

Corn Creeper Scare-Actor

When making your Scarecrow prop use old, wragged items from around the house that won't be missed and feel free to add your own twist ie; long sleeve checked shirt, trench coat, burlap sacs, housecoat or robe, pold pair jeans with patches, housedress or moo moo, wigs, glasses, skeleton bodies, socks, gloves, straw hat or make one with a pumpkin head!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haunted Attraction - Haunted Adventure @ Magic Hill

Hidden in the quiet hills north of Toronto lies Magic Hill Farm a destination hot spot for those wanting to experience a wonderful evening in the country that ends in terror! This farmland is not for the weak kneed, scaredie cat. This Haunted Adventure stems from true stories based on murder and mayhem whose whispers of death travelled far beyond the local community of Stouffville decades ago.

Blood curdling horrors and rambling ghosts roam the dark shadows of Magic Hill creating an ultimately terrifying adventure that you need to see for yourself. Survey the fields and forests upon a haunted wagon ride, walk through the barn, explore darkened trails and the cavern.

Refreshments are always available, along with other Halloween and farm related items such as pumpkins for carving your 2010 Jack - O- Lantern! It is best to come early as activities within Magic Hill begin at dark. Remember, no one under the age of 8 is permitted into this outdoor haunted attraction and due to the weather at this time of year you must remember to please dress accordingly. Be prepared to wait in line, as Halloween approaches it does get busier. Groups are allowed along with VIP treatment, please enquire. 

Magic Hill
13953 Ninth Line Stouffville, Ontario

Phone: 905-640-2347

View maps showing How to get to Magic Hill!